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Laura Sly

Facilitator & Coach

Laura’s career includes 15 years in statutory, voluntary and not-for-profit organisations. Initially working directly with clients (including offenders and young drug users) in the community and in custody, she progressed to senior management and consultancy roles in the same sectors where she eventually focused on the learning and development of teams and managers and organisational effectiveness.

In recent years Laura held senior roles managing large teams of Occupational/Business Psychologists in a national leadership assessment and development programme and provided developmental feedback and coaching for senior managers in UAE government agencies. In the UK her work includes Impact and Influence coaching for a regulatory body.

Laura is particularly interested in encouraging individuals and teams to know themselves and each other better to increase wellbeing and effectiveness at work. She enjoys supporting teams and managers who are driven to behave more ethically as well as more effectively and where shared values and individual strengths are recognised and put to good work.

Her conversations with many hundreds of leaders have led to a particular interest in supporting more introverted individuals in leadership roles, recognising common challenges and the power of drawing on individual strengths.

Laura’s first degree was in Social Psychology and she has a Masters degree in Training. Her areas of study included Adult/Employee Learning; Organisational Learning; Management Development and Cross-cultural HRD.

Laura’s Standout Strengths are: Compassion, Detail Orientation, Developing Others, Emotional Control, Empathy, Self Improvement, Strategic Mindednes