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Aidan Tod

Executive Coach, Facilitator, Mediator

As an experienced and effective Leadership Coach, Aidan Tod likes to work with clients to help them become the unique and authentic leaders they were meant to be, performing at their absolute best for the benefit of themselves, their teams, and the organisations and wider world they serve and live in.

In his work with clients Aidan aims to facilitate powerful learning that is developmental and sometimes transformational for a leader, or team, helping them to become wholly and productively their best selves in the  workplace.

This completeness and authenticity releases energies, self confidence and creativity that enable the client to play to their strengths. This benefits the individual, their working relationships, organisation and community by enabling the results and performance improvement desired by the executive and their sponsoring organisation.

In support of lasting positive change in his clients Aidan uses his extensive experience of leadership, change, organisations and employee relations acquired from over 22 years international experience in senior Human Resources positions with diverse organisations such as the National Health Service, Coca-Cola and Schweppes, Northern Foods, Motorola, Robert Fleming (Merchant Banking) and the Sony Corporation.

The key result areas Aidan is most often asked to assist leaders with are;

Authentic Leadership

Developing your unique best self as a leader, greater self-awareness, higher performance, improved relationships with key stakeholders, productive use of strengths, improved situational leadership skills and increasing your staffs motivation and engagement.

Key Transition Coaching

First 90 days in new role, manager to leader, director to VP, getting back on track (perhaps from illness/career derailment), national to regional roles, career decisions/crossroads, powerfully leading change)

Team Coaching

How to develop highly effective teams faster.

Personal Effectiveness

Managing yourself, managing energy and time, controlling your drives – (recovering from perfectionism), resilience, assertion and personal impact/influence, managing change.

Conflict Coaching

Difficult conversations, understanding and using constructive conflict, overcoming destructive conflict,mediation.

Aidan’s clients frequently comment on the power and effectiveness of his coaching, and his coaching style which they describe as challenging but supportive, and delivered with intelligence, insight, warmth and humour.

When working with teams, Aidan is expert at facilitating whatever change, plan, or problem solving process in support of high performance and team effectiveness his clients need. Aidan always focuses on individual and team strengths and developing the high quality communication and relationships required by all teams to deliver exceptional results.

Utilising his career long interest in workplace conflict resolution,Aidan also enables clients to resolve serious conflict between individuals as an accredited and experienced Mediator.

Aidan is a qualified Executive Coach with a Diploma with merit in Advanced Executive Coaching from The Academy of Executive Coaching an organisation whose training is recognised as the best in Europe being accredited by both the International Coaching Federation and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council.

He was trained and accredited as a mediator by the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR). CEDR are generally recognised as the top body for training Mediators in the UK. Additionally Aidan is an honours graduate (Bachelor of Science) from London University and a graduate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

He has contributed to two books on coaching, 101 Coaching Strategies and Techniques published by Routledge, and the Strengths Partnerships Ltd. Personal Development Workbook.

For 8 years Twelve Executive Coaching, (the company he founded), has provided leadership and performance coaching, team facilitation, and dispute resolution services to amongst others Sony, Aviva, Tesco, Southwark Council, Confused.Com, Legal and General, Foster Wheeler, VCE, BNP Paribas, Merton Council, Takeda, BOC, SAS, The Samaritans and the NHS.

The coaching I received is one of the most effective personal development programs I have been through. It feels as though I have been on a journey and I come out at the end with far greater understanding and knowledge of myself, my strengths, my weaknesses and preferences.

I am more effective in my role. I have become far more objective and have reached a far higher level of emotional control. As a result I am able to step into situations and drive resolution irrespective of which parties are involved. I have become a far better mediator and negotiator.

Director with Global Responsibility, Heavy Engineering Company